Readers ask: Where To Find Antiques Wizard101?

Where can I farm antiquities?

Re: Antiquities: Best Place to Farm My favorite place is Yahkal Mountain. All three levels have spawns. Look behind the buildings and you should find plenty. Even though that’s one of the last places in Mirage, I think it’s worth it to have someone port you in.

What are antique coins used for in Wizard101?

This reagent can be used for any antiquities.

What are antiquities w101?

25 Antiquities Antiquities are reagents that come in a variety of forms from antique coins to an antique teapot. Antiquities can be found all around Mirage. They can be dropped by battling bosses/mobs or from being harvested.

How do you get vines on Wizard101?

Fastest way to get one will probably be to fight the Gladiator secret boss in Olympus. If you are not high enough level, find a group that is going in to fight him. He drops it pretty frequently. I have rarely gone more than 2 battles before I would get a vine drop.

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Do you need Greymoor for antiquities?

You can get them without owning Greymoor, but you need to buy the new chapter to use them. Then, once you’ve settled on the lead you want to pursue, you need to ‘scry’ it. Scrying, along with excavation, is one of the two mini-games you’ll need to get to grips with before you can lay your hands on your lovely loot.

How do you get scrying skill line?

The Scrying skill line consists exclusively of passive abilities meant to assist in scrying for Antiquities. This skill line is gained by completing The Antiquarian Circle in Solitude. It is leveled by excavating dig sites and completing achievements related to Antiquities.

Where is the Thieves Den in wizard101?

Just to the right of the lamp, the door to Thieves Den is hidden in the wall. Just walk through the stone confidently and you’ll end up inside.

Where do you get a perfect ruby in wizard101?

Perfect Ruby: You can buy Perfect Ruby for 100 Gold a piece, In the Celestia base camp from the vendor Archytas. You can also buy Perfect Ruby from Noxolo Fasttrack in the Baobab Market in Zafaria.

What is Fulgurite used for wizard101?

Re: NEW REAGENT: FULGURITE! It’s used in the new statue recipes in the Arcanum.

How do you make a perfect Onyx?

Perfect Onyx: You can buy Perfect Onyx for 100 gold a piece in the Celestia Base Camp from the vendor Archytas.

Where do you get perfect Citrine in wizard101?

If it’s just plain citrine, go to Olde Town or the Oasis and the reagent shopkeeper should have an unlimited supply.. If it’s perfect citrine, the reagent shopkeepers of the higher worlds carry it. You buy it from the Reagent vendors throughout the Spiral.

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What is a shocked key used for wizard101?

You have to craft a Revered weapon, and 10 shocked keys are needed in the recipe. That’s their only use so far. Re: Shocked keys? Shocked keys are required in the new Revered crafting quests.

Where do you get key limes in wizard101?

You can get them from Red Huckleberries. The link below has a list of who drops Key Limes, it looks like they start dropping in Zafaria on up. Once you get just one, start growing it. There is a chance it will drop an extra seed some time during regular adult harvest.

What type of fish is catfish in wizard101?

Use winnow fire fish, if you do not have that use reveal fish school, the Catfish are on the side of the pond in WC where the rainbow bridge (not under the bridge, but the big part of the pond on that side) is, probably only 2 or 3 spawn per pond though, so you need to focus on Fire school fish!

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