Readers ask: Where To Find Antiques Canton First Monday?

Is Canton having first Monday?

2021 Dates Canton First Monday Trade Days are held on one weekend per month, on Thursday through Sunday prior to the first Monday of the month, year round.

How big is first Monday?

First Monday Trade Days currently operates over 100 acres (0.4 km2) and provides places for 6,000 vendors. There are various buildings and areas, each designated by name, among them the Original Pavilions, Canton Marketplace, Old Mill Marketplace, The Village, The Mountain, The Arbors and The Dog Alley.

Does it cost to get into Canton Trade Days?

Admission to all of the shopping sites is free. Parking fees are required in most areas. Other modes of transportation include a shuttle bus. Scooter, shopping cart and wagon rentals are also available onsite.

Where is the largest flea market in the US?

First Monday Trade Days— Canton, Texas Considered the largest flea market in the United States (wait, I thought Brimfield was?), this event spreads out over hundreds of acres and offers space for about 6,000 vendors.

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What is the biggest flea market in the world?

Les Puces de Saint-Ouen in Paris, France Its claim to fame is being the largest flea market in the WORLD, with up to 180,000 visitors each weekend.

Is Canton cash only?

Is it cash only? Some vendors do accept credit cards, however there are many vendors who accept cash only. We have ATM’s onsite but they may run out of cash on busy days. We recommend bringing cash to be prepared!

Do they sell beer at Canton Trade Days?

Canton is in a dry county, so no. over a year ago. Please call (903) 567-6556, e-mail at firstmonday at cantontex. com. over a year ago.

What can I take to Canton?

The Canton, TX Trade Day grounds cover over 700,000 square feet, so you definitely want to bring comfortable shoes! Of course, we always recommend that you check the weather as Texas weather can often be unpredictable. Depending on the weather, you might want to bring a hat, sunscreen, and sunglasses.

Is First Monday a good journal?

The overall rank of First Monday is 9488. According to SCImago Journal Rank (SJR), this journal is ranked 0.533.

Why is it called a flea market?

The term “flea market” originated with the French marché aux puces. It translates to “market of the fleas” and referred to the likely flea-infested used merchandise of such sales. Flea markets are events where multiple vendors gather to sell merchandise.

Does Canton trade days have animals?

The city of Canton owns the Trade Days property, and claims it does not allow animals there.

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What are the dates for Canton Trade Days 2020?

Here are the remaining 2020 First Monday Trade Days:

  • February 27th – March 1st.
  • April 2nd -5th.
  • April 30th – May 3rd.
  • May 28th – 31st.
  • July 2nd – 5th.
  • July 30th – August 2nd.
  • September 3rd – 6th.
  • October 1st – 4th.

What time does First Monday Canton TX open?

For more information about the Original First Monday Trade Days or for booking information, please contact the First Monday Department during office hours, Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. at (903) 567-6556 or see their website.

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