Readers ask: Where Can I Sell My Antiques Picture Frames?

Are old picture frames worth anything?

Age – Older frames are often worth more, especially if they are in excellent condition. However, certain styles are classically attractive and may be valuable even if they are not as old.

How do I know if my old frame is valuable?

Turn the frame to its back, or verso, and observe it carefully. If it is warped, fit with old hardware, or has wormholes, then it is probably old. Most picture framers do not duplicate warping or wormholes on the back of a new frame even if they distress its front to look old.

What can you do with old antique frames?

Here’s our top 21 ideas for how to repurpose old picture frames.

  1. Table Organizer. This is a lovely way to declutter your desk.
  2. Frame Trays. Repurpose old picture frames into trays!
  3. Earring Organizer.
  4. Framed Succulents.
  5. Bathroom Shelf.
  6. Picture Frame Memo Boards.
  7. Layered Frames.
  8. Mood Board.

Is there a market for old picture frames?

For now, frames can be found almost anywhere, from attics to fine antiques stores. Adair has spotted them at estate auctions, junk shops, garage sales–even in trash cans. High-end collectors generally prefer hand-carved wooden frames made in the 18th Century or earlier.

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How do you restore old picture frames?


  1. Clean it. Before you start messing with the frame too much, you’ll want to make sure it’s clean.
  2. Deep clean it. Using a small, clean towel, gently wipe the frame down with a non-flammable grease solvent or dry-cleaning fluid.
  3. Take it apart.
  4. Clean it, again.
  5. Glue it.
  6. Strap it.
  7. Check the angles.
  8. Reinforce it.

How do you date antique frames?

Look at the artwork that is in the frame (such as a vintage print). Hold the magnifying glass over the bottom right and left areas of the print and look carefully for a date. Sometimes the date will be below the artist’s name and will only be indicated by the last two digits, such as “92” for 1892.

How can you tell how old a print is?

But you can learn to tell the difference. Frequently a magnifying glass will reveal the regular pattern of dots on a modern photographic reproduction. Look for signs that an old print would exhibit: wear and tear, spilled printer’s ink, a smudge, slightly misapplied watercolor, a plate mark, or a watermark.

What are antique picture frames made of?

Antique frames and high quality reproduction frames are made of solid wood rails and either carved or have applied decoration. Traditionally, this decoration is made of a combination of chalk and resin called “composition”. The composition is coated with gesso and then gilded.

What is a gilded picture frame?

Gilding simply refers to the practice of applying a thin layer of gold leaf over a given object. The item is first coated in a specialty glue and a priming mixture (often made of clay and/or rabbit skin). These days, many consider gilded frames to be works of art in their own right.

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What can I put on my picture frame besides pictures?

We’re sharing some ideas and inspiration for fun and unique things to frame, that will add some pop! to your home decor.

  1. Maps, Diagrams, Or Architectural Drawings.
  2. Puzzles.
  3. Flags and Pennants.
  4. Currency or Stamps.
  5. Book, Comic, or Magazine Covers.
  6. Handwritten Memorabilia: Letters, Postcards, Recipes, etc.
  7. Silhouettes.

What can you do with a frame without glass?

One of the absolute easiest ideas is to make a picture frame key holder. All you have to do is take a frame without the glass, spray paint it and then screw in a few hooks into one of the inner edges. You can then put this up on a wall in your entryway or attach it to a cabinet.

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