Often asked: Where Can I Sell Disney Antiques In Central Florida?

Where can I buy used Disney props and furniture?

Collectors can go to “Forever Vintage and Surplus” in Winter Haven, and the Lakeland Antique Mall in North Lakeland. Those looking for used Disney furniture know of Winter Haven’s most famous one-stop shop: Forever Vintage. The shop owners are Mary Jo and Stacey Reddick.

Does Disney sell used furniture?

You’ll find furniture pieces from Disney resorts that you can use at home! The furniture pieces were previously used in Disney Resort rooms, restaurants, and hotel lobbies. There’s plenty of other Disney merchandise items to find in their shop as well.

What does Disney do with old furniture?

A lot of times when Walt Disney World re-imagines a Resort Hotel or anywhere else on property, the furniture and other items will go to Cast Member exclusive stores called Property Control and Cast Connections. You can only enter these stores if you are a Cast Member or a guest of a Cast Member.

What Disney items are collectible?

Who knows, your favorite piece of movie memorabilia might be worth a fortune!

  • Vintage Mickey Mouse Phone – $200.
  • Original Buzz Lightyear Action Figure – $500.
  • Enchanted Tiki Room Bird – $153,400.
  • Aladdin Sega Genesis Game – $440.
  • Darkwing Duck’s Thunderquack Jet – $275.
  • Beauty and The Beast Tea Set – $280.
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What is the original Tickle Me Elmo worth?

A Tickle Me Elmo doll in its original box can be worth around $50 today.

Can you buy a piece of Disney?

Disney is a publicly traded company, which means that anyone with enough cash is free to buy a piece of one of the world’s most-loved brands. A single share in the House of Mouse costs roughly $117, as of August 7. Making an investment in Disney is easy, even if you’ve never invested before.

Does Disney sell props?

There are only a few vendors around the world to whom Disney sells authentic park props. Two of those vendors operate out of the Lakeland Antique Mall, which sits just off I-4 at 3530 US Hwy 98 N. You could spend all day at this indoor bazaar and not see half of the antiquities offered by 200 vendors.

Where does Disney get their props?

The items come directly from Disney. Buyers have actually been known to schedule their Disney vacation around a trip to a local seller or travel from several states away to get their hands on a lamp once used at their favorite Disney hotel.

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