Often asked: What To Look For In Valuable Antiques Rug?

What should I look for in an antique rug?

Vintage rugs with big repairs should be avoided. Examine the pile (the rug fibres) and look for signs of uneven wear. Ideally the rug should have even wear across the entire field of the rug with no obvious patches. Just like fine antiques, over the years some vintage rugs develop a patina.

How do I find out what my rug is worth?

Take a look at the reverse side of your rug and choose a 1 inch x 1 inch area. Count both the horizontal weave and the vertical run. Multiply the two together to find the your knot density. Generally speaking, the more densely bound a rug is, the higher its quality and thus its price.

Are antique rugs valuable?

Older antique rugs, especially those that are in good condition, are also more valued because they are rarer and have a look and feel like nothing that could be produced today. While not always the case, especially when dealing with rare and collectible piece, larger rugs will generally cost more than small ones.

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How can you tell if a rug is vintage?

Very old rugs will feel gritty, sandy, or even smooth on the back. A fine rug that looks tightly woven, but that still feels somewhat floppy or supple, is probably old, since even tightly woven rugs become supple with time. Color or rug dye quality can also help determine how old a rug is.

How can you tell where a rug is from?

Antique Rugs Origins – The truth of the origin is on the backside of the rug. This is why, when examining an antique carpet or vintage rug, most experts, after looking at color and design, will turn the rug over to determine its origin.

How can you tell if a Persian rug is authentic?

Real Persian Rugs Always Have a Soft Backing For one thing, the presence or absence of imperfections in the knots can tell you a lot about whether it is hand-knotted or machine made. Secondly, the texture and type of backing can also be very revealing. Authentic Persian rugs are always hand-knotted.

Why do people like vintage rugs?

When you purchase a modern carpet, you can expect that it will be made from wool or other materials that will soon shed and start to show signs of wear. Vintage carpets are not only soft but also provide more warmth, making them an excellent choice for chilly mornings or areas with cold winter weather.

Is it gross to buy used rugs?

Whenever you are buying a second-hand rug no matter if it is from a second-hand store, online, an auction, or friend ALWAYS give the rug a thorough inspection, in a bright room, front and back and smell the rug in several places. It sounds gross to do, but you don’t need to pay for someone else’s problems.

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How do you identify a Tabriz rug?

Quality Tabriz carpets are mostly of short pile of good wool. Their pattern is dominated by a medallion in the middle, whose surroundings are decorated with floral garden motifs.

What is the most expensive rug in the world?

Sotheby’s $33 Million Dollar Rug: The Most Expensive Rug Ever Sold. The most expensive rug ever sold is the Sotheby’s ’17th Century Antique Persian Carpet’ which sold for $33 Million. Shattering all records and becoming the most expensive rug ever sold, the auction at Sotheby’s New York baffled everyone.

Are Turkish rugs valuable?

Regardless of its vintage and its condition, a fine Turkish rug is valuable and its worth may increase over time.

What is the difference between Oriental and Persian rugs?

Oriental rugs are composed of rugs made all over Asia, including India, China, Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Turkey and more. Persian rugs are specifically made in Persia, or modern day Iran. Just like Turkish rugs are made in Turkey.

Are Kashan rugs good quality?

The best Kashan carpets have always used a superior quality of wool. Older antique carpets feature the preferred vegetable dyes, while virtually all Kashan rugs from the 1930’s on incorporate the modern chrome dyes. “The quality of … Kashan weavings is high, and sometimes exquisite rugs were made.

Do Persian rugs hold their value?

Persian rugs can not only hold their value but increase it because of their durability. “The hand-knotted rug, no matter where you put it, it is safe. Put an Oriental in your kitchen and no problem,” says Bahman Rais Dana. “The more they are washed, the more beautiful the colors are, the more beautifully soft it is.”

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