Often asked: What Does Uncatalogued Antiques Mean?

What does fusser mean?

1 a person who makes frequent complaints usually about little things. sat next to an insufferable fusser, who whined during the entire bus trip.

What does Animant mean?

transitive verb. 1: to give spirit and support to: encourage. 2a: to give life to. b: to give vigor and zest to. 3: to move to action a criminal animated by greed.

What does Groggies mean?

a derogatory word for a French person.

What does Prasanga mean?

/prasanga/ mn. episode countable noun. You can refer to an event or a short period of time as an episode if you want to suggest that it is important or unusual, or has some particular quality. It was an unhappy episode in our long (and usually friendly) relationship.

Is fusser a word?

One who fusses; a fussy person.

Is animate active and living?

by using animation: to animate a children’s story;to animate the characters in a video game;an animated film. alive; possessing life: animate creatures. lively: an animate expression of joy.

Who was the god of animate things?

The god of animate thingswasa. Brahmab.

What does Wombing mean?

(obsolete) To enclose in a womb, or as if in a womb; to breed or hold in secret.

What is meant by Vyakhya in English?

/vyākhyā/ nf. explanation variable noun. If you give an explanation, you give reasons why something happened, or describe something in detail.

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