Often asked: Expert At Antiques Who Is Dective In England?

Was Judith Miller married to Martin Miller?

Judith’s first husband was Martin Miller. He was said to be the “Richard Branson of the antiques world”. Today, Judith is married to John Wainwright. She reportedly has three daughters and four grandchildren.

Do experts get paid on Antiques Roadshow?

Antiques Roadshow appraisers don’t get paid. Surprisingly, none of them get paid for their work. They don’t even get to expense their travel, if any is required. Appraisers typically appear in order to bolster their profile in the antiques industry.

How old is Andy McConnell?

Andy McConnell’s age is expected to be somewhere within 70 to 75 years.

Why did Judy Miller go to jail?

Miller spent 85 days in jail for refusing to reveal that her source in the Plame Affair was Scooter Libby. Later, she contributed to the conservative Fox News Channel and Newsmax, and was a fellow at the conservative Manhattan Institute.

Who was Martin Miller married to?

Martin Miller’s first marriage, in 1966, to Elaine, was dissolved in 1975. His second, in 1978, ended in 1992. He married, thirdly, in 2001, Ioana Beju. She survives him with the three daughters of his first marriage and two of his second.

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What is the most expensive item valued on Antiques Roadshow?

A collector also brought in a painting by Van Dyck which had been bought for £400 from an antique shop in 1992. It was authenticated by the show’s experts and valued at £400,000. Antiques Roadshow continues tonight at 7pm on BBC One.

What is the most expensive item appraised on Antiques Roadshow?

The most expensive watch to ever be featured on “Antique Roadshow” is also the most expensive item in the show’s history: a Swiss pocket watch from 1914 that appeared on a 2004 episode. It was appraised for $250,000 at the time. But in 2016, the watch was reappraised for $1.5 million, according to reports.

Why did Mark Wahlberg leave Antiques Roadshow?

The reason his role was cut back had nothing to do with him, said executive producer Marsha Bemko, but rather with what they were having him do. The overhaul included dropping the segments that took place away from the antiques show set, when the show would come to the people instead of the other way around.

Who presented Antiques Roadshow?

Parker was replaced by Angela Rippon, then Hugh Scully hosted for nearly twenty years, followed by Michael Aspel. The current presenter Fiona Bruce has been with the programme since 2008.

When did Martin Miller die?

August 26, 1969

Who are the presenters on bargain hunt?

BARGAIN Hunt is classic daytime TV show which asks contestants to find valuable items at antique fairs before selling them on for the highest profit they can. The long-running show has five presenters – Eric Knowles, Charlie Ross, Anita Manning, Christina Trevanion and Natasha Raskin Sharp.

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