how To Mix Retro With Antiques?

How do you incorporate antiques into decorations?

But you can also keep reading for examples of interior design with antique furniture in modern spaces, along with tips for decorating with antique furniture!

  1. Layer Antiques With Contemporary Decor.
  2. Make A Statement.
  3. Use Antiques As Accent Pieces.
  4. Create Contrast With Old Meets New.
  5. Mix Real Antiques With Reproductions.

How do you combine modern and rustic?

There you have it, 5 Quick Tips for Mastering the Art Of Mixing Modern & Rustic Like a Pro:

  1. Tip 1: Emphasize Natural Wood.
  2. Tip 2: Combine a Neutral Palette with Minimal Pattern Tip.
  3. 3: Incorporate Cozy Textures Tip.
  4. 4: Choose Straight Lines in Furniture and Accessories.
  5. Tip 5: Opposites Attract.

How do you mix old with new?

An easy way to mix old and new is to consider a room’s architecture. If you live in a 1930s house, you can incorporate some period pieces, and then add contemporary lighting, rugs, or accessories to bring the rooms into the 21st century.

How do you display antiques?

Show Off. Create an art gallery in your home with vintage art or posters. Gallery walls look great almost anywhere, but for optimal impact, display your art in a high-traffic area like a hallway, staircase, or the living room. Use kraft paper to map out the perfect spot for each piece before hanging it.

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Are antiques out of style?

Antiques seem to fall in and out of fashion over time. So if you are looking for antiques, go for it! It’s a great time to buy, and they will add so much personality to your home.

How do you mix traditional and rustic?

How to Mix Rustic With Traditional Decorating

  1. Accents. Accent pieces, large or small, add visual interest and blend together rustic and traditional design elements.
  2. A Dedicated Space.
  3. Flooring.
  4. Walls.

What is new traditional style?

New traditional style seeks formal furniture with a focus on comfort and a sleeker look. There is a freedom to mix finishes and periods. New traditional has a more personal feel with classic seating plans except for a larger more family friendly scale.

Can you mix art deco and mid century?

The glam of this Art Deco-inspired dining room is dotted with Mid Mod elements, like the minimal and sleek silhouette of the dining room chairs and the marble accents. Give your own dining room this feel by combining something decidedly Mid Century alongside something decidedly not.

How do you mix glam and rustic?

Here are some tips and must haves to take your space from Rustic to Rustic Glam:

  1. Yup. you guessed it!
  2. LOTS of white!
  3. And we can’t forget the worn, rustic wood finishes.
  4. Mix in furniture with modern clean lines.
  5. Add lots of light and airy fabrics such as French Linens and sheer fabrics.
  6. Don’t forget the final touches!

Can you mix modern and farmhouse?

You can mix in farmhouse with traditional, or even farmhouse with modern. Your home should be a reflection of you and your style, and if you love a couple styles…that is what you should do!

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Can you mix industrial with traditional?

The beauty of Industrial is that it’s timeless, neutral, simple and natural. Given this, you can mix individual Industrial pieces in with any other type of design style, from Shabby… …to Modern.

Is it OK to mix and match furniture?

Whether it’s done out of necessity or for an eclectic flair, mixing and matching furniture pieces can bring a sense of style and cohesion to a room. Whether you need to make a quick match or are simply trying to stay in budget, you can successfully mix and match furniture by playing off common elements and themes.

Can you mix interior design styles?

By mixing tonal fabrications, a concise color palette, and no more than three design styles per room, you’ll be able to mix interior design styles with ease. Note how the room featured above manages just that thanks to a series of small furnishings that keep the feel light yet full of visual interest.

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